An Earth-Friendly Way to Kill Grass

When you want to build a new garden, the first step is to get rid of the grass. Using old newspaper is an effective, earth-friendly tool to use for smothering unwanted grass. Using newspaper to kill the grass will block the sunlight, provide a barrier to hinder the growth, and will decompose in a matterContinue reading “An Earth-Friendly Way to Kill Grass”

Top 20 Photos from the 2021 Garden

The gardens are finally resting after a productive and beautiful season. Enjoy a tour of the gardens by scrolling through 20 of our favorite moments. 20 Coreopsis, Lance-Leaf June This plant came from a wildflower seed mixture that was given to us. 19 Lonicera, Major Wheeler July I planted this Lonicera (Honeysuckle) in the springContinue reading “Top 20 Photos from the 2021 Garden”

My First Garden Wasn’t a Garden at All

Last month when I finished up my second garden addition of 2021, I was reminded of the first garden I ever built. Do you remember your first garden? I didn’t actually grow anything in that first garden, but it was my own design and my own little piece of land to take care of. OneContinue reading “My First Garden Wasn’t a Garden at All”

Garden Notes | Fall ’20

The gardening season has come to a close and I could not be more grateful! Here is the list of plant varieties that we chose this year: Tomato: Cherry, Best Boy (2), Early Girl (3) Pepper: Roulette, Banana, Bell Green Beans: Bush, Blue Lake 274 Carrots: Danvers Hybrid Onions: Walla Walla Raspberries: Caroline Blueberries: NorthblueContinue reading “Garden Notes | Fall ’20”

Garden Notes | Fall ’19

Welcome to Procrastination Station! Here it is, January of 2020. I’ve been thinking ahead and sketching plans for this year’s garden & new landscaping. While drawing my plans and doing research, a thought would usually slip in– “Finish your notes from 2019 before you forget.” Well, I haven’t forgotten most of it (*cringe*), so hereContinue reading “Garden Notes | Fall ’19”

The Time We Almost Had a Pet Rabbit

Just call me Fern. You know, Fern from Charlotte’s Web. I grew up on a farm and loved our animals. Our family raised pigs, and over the years we had a dog, a few stubborn calves and a bunch of cats. One summer, we had 23 barn cats on our farm– all adored, named, andContinue reading “The Time We Almost Had a Pet Rabbit”

Building Our Gardens

I’ve been squeezing in some garden planning for next spring. I’ve been going over my plans and notes from the last couple of years– laughing at failures and making improvements. 2016 I had big goals for our first garden. Speaking of making improvements, before I could plant the garden of my December 2016 dreams, weContinue reading “Building Our Gardens”