May 2019 | Early Season Notes

Someone tell me how it’s already the end of May? 2019 is going by in a flash. B and I have had fun with our seed experiments. We planted tomatoes, bell peppers, long peppers and broccoli earlier this spring. One broccoli seed & one tomato seed sprouted– and that’s all they did. I thought we’dContinue reading “May 2019 | Early Season Notes”

March 2019 | Starting Seeds

It’s seed time! On March 29, B and I planted a whole tray of sweet peppers (just to be safe– we’re definitely not planting that many in the garden.) Half of the tray is designated to Burpee’s California Wonder, and half is for Burpee’s Long Pepper blend. 11 days later… LIFE! Isn’t it beautiful?! TheContinue reading “March 2019 | Starting Seeds”

Building Our Gardens

I’ve been squeezing in some garden planning for next spring. I’ve been going over my plans and notes from the last couple of years– laughing at failures and making improvements. 2016 I had big goals for our first garden. Speaking of making improvements, before I could plant the garden of my December 2016 dreams, weContinue reading “Building Our Gardens”