An Earth-Friendly Way to Kill Grass

When you want to build a new garden, the first step is to get rid of the grass. Using old newspaper is an effective, earth-friendly tool to use for smothering unwanted grass. Using newspaper to kill the grass will block the sunlight, provide a barrier to hinder the growth, and will decompose in a matter of weeks.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. In layers of 5-10 sheets, lay the old newspapers over the area.
  2. Cover with fresh top soil.
  3. Top the entire area with a thick layer of mulch.

The last step would be to water the area. Either spray it down with a hose or do this project a day or two before rain is in the forecast.

I’ve used this method every year to smother grass in new landscaping areas. It’s simple and works so well!

This new garden in the photos above began on a whim. The 4’x16′ mounded base is clumps of grass that we removed from our newest vegetable garden plot. The grass needed to go somewhere, right?! 🌱

I have plans to turn this into a wild cut flower garden filled with phlox, zinnias, and cosmos this year. 💮

Bring on the pollinators!

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