2022 Plant Recommendations

Overwhelmed by the varieties of seeds and plants in the catalogs? Check out this list of our tried-and-true garden favorites.

The seed catalogs are flowing in and it feels so good to start planning for next year’s garden. If you’re new to gardening or in need of some fresh ideas, scroll through this list of our absolute favorite plants that grow in our zone 5B gardens.

For more information about each plant variety, you can visit the websites of the recommended seed companies listed at the bottom of this post.


All of these plants have given us high yields year after year. Depending on the space available for each variety to grow, you’ll have plenty to preserve and plenty to share.

Sweet Corn | Sweetness Hybrid
  • Green Beans (Bush): Blue Lake 274 from Gurney’s, Park Seed, or Burpee
  • Cucumbers: Sweet Burpless from Park Seed, Hybrid Early Spring Burpless from Gurney’s, Burpless Beauty from Burpee
  • Carrots: Tendersweet from Gurney’s
  • Onions: Walla Walla from Gurney’s
  • Sweet Corn: Sweetness Hybrid from Burpee
  • Summer Squash: Black Beauty from Burpee
  • Peas: Maestro from Burpee
  • Radishes: Cherry Belle from Burpee
  • Pepper, Sweet: California Wonder from Burpee, Sweet Banana from Gurney’s, Roulette from Burpee (Habanero without the heat)
  • Mild Pepper: Poblano (Ancho) from Burpee
  • Tomatoes: Celebrity from Burpee, Queen of Hearts from Burpee, Better Boy from Park Seed, Early Girl Hybrid from Gurney’s


The time these plants need to grow is well worth the wait. Raspberries will bear fruit in their second year.

  • Raspberry: Caroline from Burpee
  • Strawberry: Whopper from Gurney’s
Raspberry | Caroline

Annual and Perennial Flowers

Shasta Daisy | Snow Lady
  • Zinnia: Purple Prince, Giant Flowered Mixed Colors from Burpee
  • Sunflower: Fun ‘n Sun Blend from Burpee, Russian Mammoth from Park Seed
  • Yarrow: Firefly Peach Sky from Proven Winners
  • Lavender: Phenomenal from Proven Winners
  • Rose: Sunny Knock Out from Burpee
  • Phlox: Blue Paradise, Glamour Girl from Burpee
  • Shasta Daisy: Snow Lady, Banana Cream from Burpee
  • Echinacea: PowWow Wild Berry from Proven Winners
  • Rudbeckia: Black Eyed Susan from Burpee
  • Solidago (Goldenrod): Fireworks from Burpee
  • Sedum: Autumn Joy from White Flower Farm

Ornamental Grasses

  • Zebra Grass from Michigan Bulb Co.
  • Schizachyrium (Little Bluestem): Standing Ovation from Burpee
  • Eragrostis: Purple Love Grass from Burpee
  • Miscanthus: Morning Light from Nature Hills Nursery
  • Switch Grass (Panicum): Shenandoah from Nature Hills Nursery
  • Rose Fountain Grass from Michigan Bulb Co.
Rose Fountain Grass | Photo from Michigan Bulb Co.

Burpee: https://www.burpee.com/
Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.: https://www.gurneys.com/
White Flower Farm: https://whiteflowerfarm.com/
Park Seed: https://parkseed.com/
Nature Hills Nursery: https://www.naturehills.com/
Michigan Bulb Co.: https://www.michiganbulb.com/
Proven Winners: https://www.provenwinners.com/

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