Road Trip Must-Haves for Kids

Several hours (or days) spent in the car together doesn’t have to be a cringe-worthy experience! Here are 5 fun must-haves to bring along when you hit the road with your family.

After many, many hours driving around the USA together over the past several years, the things we take in our activity bag for the kids are tried and true sanity savers. Space is limited so choosing the right things to bring in the vehicle is important.

When Kid #1 reaches over to poke Kid #2 and Kid #2 screams… you’ll be glad you brought these items.

Something Messy

When it comes to messy car activities, it just needs to feel messy for kids to be happy. Melissa & Doug water coloring workbooks are wonderful products that feel messy. The best part? If they decide to (when they decide to) paint the car windows or their legs with the water marker it doesn’t matter.

White boards and dry erase markers are another great messy option. Kids can scribble, draw, and practice writing for miles and miles.

Something Neat

Books! Books should always be available to children; even on road trips. They’re full of fun, learning, and adventure, so pack a few of their favorites. Remember, if you’re traveling alone with them or are likely to get motion sickness, they need to be able to enjoy their books on their own.

Something to Make

Give them the chance to create something. Coloring or activity books and a hard surface (clipboards work great) will be appreciated by your little ones. Bring crayons and store them in individual baggies or containers. That way they’re organized and mess-proof in case they’re forgotten in the car during the warmer months.

Something Old

You know they won’t leave home without those well-loved stuffed animals or favorite toys, so keep them handy when you’re on the road. If they have a small toy or game they haven’t played with in a while, bring it along. It’ll seem new again!

Something New

Print our FREE Road Trip I Spy Printable. Kids will enjoy searching for these items throughout the course of your trip. Print it on cardstock rather than regular paper so it’s easier for the kids to handle.

A few more tips…

Quiet Time

We all need a little quiet time on the road. Rather than demanding that it’s “quiet time”, why not play the good old fashioned Quiet Game? Kids will be happier to take part in quiet time when they can play for bragging rights of who stays silent the longest.

Embrace Boredom

Boredom is a place where imaginations bloom.

Eventually they’ll come up with a joyful way to pass the time. Enjoy their creativity and embrace the time you have together.

Lastly… Purposeful Movie Time

You’re going to want to save the movie until it’s the point of your road trip when everyone is OVER IT (because this absolutely happens some days.) A well-timed movie will get you through the last stretch of your daily miles in peace.

What would you add to the list? Comment your favorite boredom busters for little ones below. Happy trails!


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