Something to Remember About Family Photos

Shamrock Photography

Raise your hand if you’ve begged (or bribed) your kids to stand still and smile for the camera?

That’s all of us, right? It’s hard NOT to do it. You want your family to quickly and politely follow directions and for the kids to subdue the wiggles.

But wait… friends, our kids at 1 and 4. Toddler tantrums happen and the wiggles are part of who they are!

So, here’s my advice: remember they’re little, take a deep breath and let them be free.

(But, you know, not totally free. Ha.)

We received our photos recently from our session with our favorite local photographer and I keep studying them. I’m putting myself back into that beautiful evening and making a note to self:

Keeping the kids contained is NOT in their nature when they’re IN nature. Breathe in the wildness, the breeze and the beautiful sunset. Memories are being tied to these photos and isn’t that what you want?

We have perfectly timed photos of memories from that evening– I’m one happy Mama.

Shamrock Photography

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