July 2019 | A Good Garden May Have Some Weeds

We went on a camping trip at the end of May and weeds TOOK OVER while we were gone. It took me a MONTH to catch up to the point where the garden looked respectable. Mostly quickgrass, crabgrass, purslane and the occasional dandelion.

Fun fact about purslane– it can produce over 2,000,000 seeds per plant.


I’m going to have to come up with a way to get ahead of the the weeds next year– don’t hesitate to throw some suggestions at me.

West Garden

The garden with weed troubles. Honestly– I know why it happened. Last year I totally let it go, I only had green beans and sweet corn and I could’ve cared less about the weeds between the rows.

A new baby will do that to a gal.

B (our four year old) is loving our garden. She has enjoyed planting, weeding, and finding rocks.

Radishes: Season is complete. We planted one ten foot row. Not all of the radishes were done at the same time, so we harvested four times until they were done.

Peas: Picking time! B and I have picked peas off the plants twice. It’s looking like we’ll have one more picking session and then we’ll pull the plants out. Our first harvest filled half of a quart sized freezer bag. Second harvest was about the same. Feeling a little like they’re not worth the effort, maybe next year we’ll plant more?

Green Beans: Sturdy, flowered and beginning to grow the actual beans. Japanese Beetles have NOT been an issue this year whatsoever (dare I say this? I’m jinxing all of us, aren’t I?) Bless you, Iowa and your ridiculously cold winter!

Bell Peppers: Planted two plants (grown from seed in our house.) They haven’t flowered yet, but the plants are sturdy.

Long Peppers: Planted three (grown from seed in our house,) and one survived. The two that died were pretty small, so I wasn’t surprised. ONE pepper growing on the plant so far and it’s growing well.

Cherry Tomatoes: One plant picked up locally is producing well. We’ve picked one off, and right now four more are just about ready. Vines are full of little green ‘matos.

“Regular” Tomatoes: We have three types of tomatoes in four plants. Two purchased locally (Celebrity) and two picked up from a member of our church– both unknown. Hey, I like a good experiment! All of the plants are looking great and are full of green tomatoes.


East Garden

Basically zero issues with weeds. Hallelujah!

This is also the new garden, so it’s never had a chance to get out of control. Thank you, self. Lesson learned.

Carrots: Growing well. I haven’t seen any orange peeking through the soil yet, so I’m hoping they turn out and that I thinned them enough to have adequate room to grow.

Zucchini: Planted one hill and NO seedlings came up. Disappointing.

Cucumbers: Planted one hill, vines are everywhere! Plants have flowered and are starting to grow cucumbers. I laid my trellis for my future flowerbed (2020 project) next to them so they’d have somewhere to go because the

Pumpkins are OUT OF CONTROL! I, um, suppose I underestimated how big they’d get? Underestimation or not, they’re taking up a lot more space than what the seed package said they would. I’ve been rerouting them every other day so that they don’t swallow up the rest of the garden. Yikes. Parts have little green pumpkins growing, and parts are still flowering.

Watermelons: One hill and it was slow to start. Discovered after tons of rain in May/June, that this is the wettest part of the garden. Growing well now and has flowered.

And now… back to pulling those garden invaders. I hope you’re having an excellent summer. Keep scrolling for some photos and helpful links.


Common Garden Weeds
Green Beans
Bell Peppers
Long Peppers

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