Garden Notes | Early Spring ’19

It’s seed time!

On March 29, B and I planted a whole tray of sweet peppers (just to be safe– we’re definitely not planting that many in the garden.) Half of the tray is designated to Burpee’s California Wonder, and half is for Burpee’s Long Pepper blend.

She was SUCH a good helper– with a little direction, she did it all by herself!

11 days later… LIFE!

California Wonder seedling

Isn’t it beautiful?! The cute little sweet pepper. It sprouted overnight on day 10. When B woke up, I told her, “I have to show you something. Something exciting happened while we were sleeping!”

“Our plants are growing?!”

I’m hoping the seeds go bananas (… or “go peppers”) like they did in 2017. That year (before L was born,) the trays were kept in the nursery. The sunlight is wonderful.

Rather than L sharing his room with seed trays, last year I moved the them to the kitchen.

2018 Seeds
  1. The stop sign worked 94% of the time to deter curious little hands.
  2. Only ONE seed grew (location, location, location!)

This year the seedlings are in front of our master bathroom window. Someday I’ll have a designated place for them… someday. *stares off into the distance wistfully*

Friday (April 5,) we started our tomatoes and tomorrow we’ll start some broccoli that my two year old daughter “needed” when we were browsing the seeds for fun a few months ago at our local Farm & Fleet.

Happy Spring!

[UPDATE: Last night (day 12) at 10:00 PM we had one pepper seedling. Today we’ve had six more seedlings emerge! Needless to say, B & I are obsessively checking the trays. Oh, growing things is so fun.]


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