Building Our Gardens

I’ve been squeezing in some garden planning for next spring. I’ve been going over my plans and notes from the last couple of years– laughing at failures and making improvements.



I had big goals for our first garden. Speaking of making improvements, before I could plant the garden of my December 2016 dreams, we had to make some room in the yard.

Our backyard is fenced in and one end of the fence meets the southwest corner of our garage. The back side of that fence section was a waste of space– so why not have the whole yard fenced in? In order to maximize our outdoor space, so we decided to take down, move, and rebuild that fence section so that it met with the northwest corner– therefore giving us 20 more feet of fenced in yard.

That old ‘wasted space’ was now the designated garden area inside the fence.

2017 garden 2

Protected from deer, raccoons and rabbits (or so I thought.) Win! The square is 16’x16′ and the wood is Ground Contact AC2 CedarTone Premium Pressure Treated Lumber from Menards Home Improvement.

While we were filling the garden with a mixture of soil and compost, I remember my husband saying, “Next year I’ll build a more significant fence.” Our first plan didn’t even have a fence around the garden, but we needed something to deter our new puppy.

Conveniently, the first fence worked until the garden season was over– the same time that our puppy realized she was big enough to jump over.


Below are the in-process photos of our “significant fence” that my husband built this spring. Taller, stronger and Sunny-proof.

2018 garden 2

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